You are wondering why you should go to Earth Day. You are curious “Is it fun?” “What do you DO at Earth Day?” Let me tell you – here are seven reasons why you should attend.

  1. Art.  You can support local artists and artisans in our community at the art show. All day Saturday items are on display and for sale in Main Hall. A variety of art and handcrafted pieces will be presented.
  2. A killer rummage sale. Imagine going to a rummage sale where you could find anything from a carved wooden sugar bowl to a gently used sarong, or maybe that toaster you’ve been meaning to replace. All proceeds from the rummage sale go directly to Gaea Retreat Center’s operating fund.
  3. Learning. There are opportunities to learn something new. Several workshops will be offered in earth-conscious living, wildlife preservation, sustainability, and even one on how to volunteer at Gaea.
  4. New friends. You have a chance to meet new people and become part of an accepting and inclusive community. Who wouldn’t want that?
  5. Bonfire. Saturday night there will be a large bonfire and drumming circle. The celebration around the fire is a good time and the highlight of the weekend. The kids in our tribe will open the drum circle with drums and instruments that they make. It is a fun way to celebrate the Earth and her creatures (humans too).
  6. Free food! Friday night, the kitchen witches serve up a vegetarian chili that yes, trust me here, is to die for. Saturday a community meal is hosted in the kitchen (donations of food are gladly accepted). This year there will be a nacho and taco bar, and we ask that you bring something that goes with tacos and dine with us potluck style (please no cheese or sour cream – they are provided). Set up your tent and let us take care of dinner!
  7. Children’s activities. There will be children’s workshops running all day. They will be learning about ecology and making drums among other things. The children also assemble at the bonfire and start our drumming circle with the drum they have created. Open for ages 4-12.

See, you should come. It will be worth the time. We hope you will join us as we celebrate Earth Day!