You’ve heard people ask you to not throw your cigarettes in the fire – but why?

Because every single cigarette filter is made of plastic. And Gaea patrons throw away hundreds of thousands of cigarette butts every year – we estimate almost 20,000 cigarettes at Laid Back Labor Day alone.

We are excited to announce that Gaea Retreat Center is now going to be joining a cigarette recycling program through TerraCycle. All of our cigarette waste is now recyclable! The butt, the plastic outside of your box, the foil or plastic inside the box – even the ash. All we are asking you to do is make sure that when you smoke:

  1. Place all waste except the cigarette box into our red cigarette butt-huts.
  2. Continue placing your cigarette boxes into the regular waste. (NEVER FEAR. Our awesome treasurer is looking into getting us some new cool recycling services that include paper).
  3. Keep other waste that is not cigarette waste out of the red containers!

From the point that your cigarette waste hits the can, the Trash Pirates (AARRRGGHHH!) will be taking care of our recycling, ensuring it is shipped for free to this great program – with stateside recycling centers where the waste will be recycled, and sold for below-market value to encourage companies to switch to recycled, post-consumer plastics.

So join us for this amazing program, and let’s get to it!

If you are looking to get involved with cigarette recycling in your group, check out Terracycle!