The concept of Leave No Trace camping; or LNT, is a well known philosophy to many. For some this is a new way of planning that getaway to the woods or your next music festival. While the specifics may vary based on your destination: Gaea Retreat, Burning Man, State Park, the goal is always the same. If you brought it with you, take it with you! Pack it in- pack it out!

  • For Gaea this means:
    Don’t bring glass with you. If you do, please pack it up and deposit it in a glass recycling receptacle accessible to the public or your home.
  • Tent stakes, tie down cords, mardi gras beads, tiny trinkets: All these items are not congruent with the land. They need to be removed at the end of your stay. Offerings to the land (and fairies) should be biodegradable and/or earth based.
  • Removing cardboard and plastic wrappings from new items before leaving home. This saves the pirates lots of valuable time in their sorting process that can be instead focused on…pirate things.
  • No single use plastics. Water is readily accessible to patrons for refilling containers. Think of the sea turtles- especially the cute lil babies.
  • Don’t flush or dump in Porta Pot anything that isn’t toilet paper. Flushable wipes aren’t biodegradable and damage the plumbing.
  • Cigarette litter. Butts and ashes are not biodegradable. The red cans throughout camp are intended for collecting them, from there they are gathered for recycling.
  • Keep vehicles in approved locations. Driving on the dry grass 10 feet to unload may seem harmless but over time the impact on the land is devastating. Park in an approved area and walk. If you need help carrying or unloading- ask a fellow camper! We’re all here because we love Gaea and want to connect with her.
  • Take your trash and recycling home. With a little planning you can dramatically decrease your waste output, making it easier to pack out with you. If you have any questions about what can or cannot be recycled, either at Gaea or at home- ask a pirate!

Ultimately when you leave your site it should be better than you found it. By carefully and thoughtfully planning your visit you can minimize the waste brought with you. This creates less of an environmental and financial strain on Gaea.

We’ve got a limited amount of time to turn this planet around before the damage we’ve done is irreversible. It’s going to take all of us pitching in to make it happen. The Earth has provided for us, now it’s our turn to provide that love back.