Many of you may have heard, either first-hand or through the magical megaphone that camp can be, that Rhi, one of our beloved caretakers, is fighting cancer.

She was diagnosed with two brain tumors in April, underwent brain surgery, and started chemotherapy and radiation therapy in May. Her radiation treatment will last until the end of June, with chemotherapy planned for the next year.

Rhi is ready to beat this, and she’ll be back to mowing our precious fields by next spring. She’s a warrior goddess!

Do you want to help?

If you would like to help, please keep an eye on the blog, our facebook page, and associated fan pages for updates on events that will be held to help cover any necessary projects or work that we need done at camp. We are currently pulling together so that during this time Rhi can focus on getting better, and Clint can focus on being with her during her treatment.