Lift Station Update

Currently our bath house and the kitchen are closed due to the lift station pump being shut down. The board of directors has already approved the replacement of the system, which is set to cost approximately $18,000. We will be fundraising throughout the year, and especially at Laid Back Labor Day to help mitigate this expense, and our awesome treasurer is working on grants to help us with our operating expenses.

The repair service is set to come out to look at our current pumps this week, but the parts will need to be shipped from overseas and it could be several weeks before they can be replaced completely, so we may have additional expenses until the system can be completely replaced.

If you would like to consider donating to this, please do so at  Thank you in advance if you are able!


If you can volunteer – we love our volunteers.  Gaea is run by volunteers and the land is kept safe, clean and working with those volunteers. Have you ever wondered what kind of work you can do at camp, what the benefits are, and how to get involved?

First, decide if you want to volunteer during your time there. Gaea is here to be a retreat center where people can find refuge. If you need a day off – registration fees help keep camp going, and there is no judgement about being on land so that you can have a break. To help when you can’t volunteer – wherever you camp, leave it cleaner than when you came.

If you do want to volunteer, check the white board in dining hall, or the events page to see if there are larger projects going on.  You can claim a work item from the white board, and if you have questions, ask a BOD member, or one of the on-duty volunteers. Look for the person with the Keys! They are usually around dining hall.

Some examples of on-property work that usually need to be done: weed eating, cleaning the shower house or kitchen, MOOPing (removing matter out of place, whether it is recycling, trash, or lost items), or even raking leaves can be a big help!

We also do lots of big projects. Right now we are looking at a sign up for summer work so that our volunteers can accomplish some of the larger jobs we need to do. We have to fix the walkways to one of the north cabins. We need to do some maintenance on our main staircase. We have a growing safety crew that makes sure to keep the land a safe place for all. In the fall, we also have wood busts and ritual site clean up days!

If you don’t know how to do a job, we are happy to teach you. We’re also happy to find a job that your skill set applies!

Whether you put in an hour, or you work twenty in a weekend, you are always eligible to receive Gaea Bucks for time spent volunteering. A solid hour of work is worth one Gaea Buck – or $5 towards camping fees.

  • 1 Gaea Buck = Day Pass for one person
  • 2 Gaea Bucks = Tent camping overnight for one person
  • 3 Gaea Bucks = Cabin Stay overnight for one person

You can also use Gaea Bucks towards Laid Back Labor Day or Earth Day!

Next Work Weekend: June 29