Happy Friday!

We have had a very exciting week at camp and this weekend we are having a cooperative work weekend to try to get some of our larger projects finished. Please say in our Facebook comments if you are willing to help tomorrow so that we can plan a little – but as always, please feel free to just show up – we have many jobs that are available for any skill sets or ability levels. We’re happy to find places for anyone who ever wants to volunteer at Gaea!

  • Lake drain and culvert cleaning – these got plugged up and so we are having drainage issues that led to the lake overflowing
  • Dragging the boat out of the emergency spillway 🙂
  • Possible road repairs
  • Stair repairs – someone handy with power tools
  • Rock hunting – We used several rocks to do road repairs this week, and we’ll need more for other projects on land. This is a GREAT project if you want to hike.
  • Firepit repairs – digging out the firepits and re-shaping them with stones
  • Someone good with a ladder to hang bat boxes. Hardware has been purchased – they just need to be hung!
  • Bath house and kitchen cleaning
  • Mowing and weed eating

Bring something and we’ll get cooking. Lorelei is looking for kitchen witches and crock pots so that we can have dinner going while we’re working.


See you soon!

2 Replies to “Volunteering – Work Needed this Weekend!”

  1. It’s there still much with that needs to be done? Also, I will make a GoFundMe page if someone will contact me regarding where to have the funds sent and how much to set our goal for.

    1. Stephanie –

      We have a donations page on GaeaRetreat.org, so please do not set up a go fund me – people can donate directly to our website. There is quite a bit that needs to be worked on at camp! We would love to have your help!

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