Everybody poops! And everybody who comes to Gaea poops. You may be keeping up with the fact that we have had to close the kitchen and shower house a few times this year. That’s due to the lift station – one of our major pieces of infrastructure. When wastewater goes down the drains at Gaea, it is sent to the septic tank. When the tank is full, the lift station pumps the wastewater all the way up the hill to the lagoon.

We’ve been maintaining the lift for the duration of our ownership of the land, but this spring one of the two pumps permanently failed after a lightning strike, and was beyond repair. We finally had to make the decision to replace it. The lift will be replaced in August (to save money, we slow-shipped the parts, which are currently somewhere heading towards us in the Pacific).

Septic systems are expensive, and the cost ended up at over $18,000, which represents more than our maintenance budget for the year. It’s an unavoidable expense. JD, our treasurer, does a great job making sure we will be ok.

Waste is one of our biggest expenses – trash, recycling, and human waste. There are many ways you can help!

  1. NEVER flush menstrual products, condoms, or “flushable” wipes (they are not actually flushable). NOTHING belongs in septic system besides human waste and toilet paper.
  2. Educate other people at camp!
  3. If you would like to donate – please do! If you would be willing to hold a fundraiser, please contact our Board of Directors!

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