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Earth Day Packing List

Earth Day Packing List

  • Reusable dishes! We’ll have the washing station so bring all of your meal- dishes – but don’t forget your water bottle, your coffee cup, and your reusable shot glass if you plan on visiting the Lane! In addition – it will be $2 to rent a plate from the dining hall if you forget your dishes.
  • Bring your radio! Gaea FM is going to be playing tunes all day long. You can also join us in the pavilion during the day.
  • Containers to help you with pack-in, pack-out. Bring your garbage bags, and any air-tight containers you might want.
  • Personal care items – don’t forget your shower kit, towel (and an extra to sit on when you’re skyclad), sunscreen, bugspray, extra change of shoes – or your lube and condoms. SAFETY AND CONSENT is paramount.
  • Weather protection – a hat! An umbrella! Sunscreen! Ponchos are never a bad idea, and warm clothes (Earth Day is chilly).
  • Your mask! You need it to go in the dining hall.
  • Your vaccination card (or a photo of it), or your medical record showing you are vaccinated!
  • Cash or card for the hot dog cart, the art show, the rummage sale, and to donate whatever your heart is willing to!


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