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COVID 19 Update – Phase 1.5 Plan

COVID 19 Update – Phase 1.5 Plan

Today, the board reconvened to discuss the Ad Astra plan, and upcoming phases. Last week, Governor Kelly announced a new phase for the reopening – Phase 1.5., which is beginning tomorrow, May 18th. This plan pushes back Phase 2 until at least June 1st. The BOD reached out to the Leavenworth County Health Department to discuss what we are allowed to do under Phase 1.5, and we have been informed that we may have essential personnel doing maintenance work on the land. 

During Phase 1.5, camp will be able to allow staff members – BoD, interns, Cabin Sponsors, Safety Leads and Committee Heads –  to be on property on a work-project basis. While on property, all staff members will be required to sign in with all contact information, and will be expected to follow sanitation and social distancing guidelines, including the use of face masks. 

At this time, Kansas has not announced a date for anything beyond a tentative first date for Phase 2, and so we do not yet know when camp will be able to reopen, but we will reconvene on May 31st (the day before Phase 2 is currently set to start). 

We appreciate your patience and massive outpouring of support! 

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  1. Love you…all of you! I dont like not being able to visit. Or feeling as if offering help/volenteer (on the land/working) is only helping by not helping.

    At the same I respect all that each of you is attemping to accomplish (personally &) for the land + community.
    Strong work!!! ?????. Pst..Pass it on!!!

  2. Is there any opportunity for volunteers to be assigned to (approved personnel) for any work days (to help prepare/clean the site before reopening)? Is that even needed?

  3. Well we should be allowed to come to camp there’s never enough people to over crowd any areas. And I bet social distances would be followed. Its ridicules we can go to Walmart but not camping
    Please open the campgrounds today.

    1. Robert,

      We are following guidelines from the state of Kansas, and will not be opening yet. Thank you for your feedback.

    1. No, it will not be open to the public until Saturday, June 20th, and then only by pre-registration. There is a new update on the blog to explain how camp will start to re-open.

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