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Volunteer Opportunities – June 12 & 13: Dining Hall

Volunteer Opportunities – June 12 & 13: Dining Hall

Hey Gaea Community! As we’re gearing up for the weekend we wanted to remind you that you can register here:

Every week we’ll be putting out a volunteer opportunity for the coming weekend. If you are looking for an opportunity to come to Gaea for work exchange, this should help provide direction on what we’re working on – you can also always find this list on the white board in dining hall.

This weekend, we will be focusing on cleaning the dining hall in preparation for the 4th of July! Caretakers or staff will be available to help you get started from 7-10 a.m. in the dining hall pavilion on both Saturday and Sunday. Don’t forget that working in the dining hall gets hot! Bring plenty of cold water (and earlier starts help with the heat, too). Gaea bucks will be paid for volunteer help (1 Gaea Buck = 1 day pass, 2 Gaea Bucks = 1 overnight tent camping stay for a person, 3 Gaea Bucks = 1 night in a cabin bunk).Here is the list of everything that needs to be done in the dining hall!

Remove all items from shelves & off of floor. Sanitize shelves, sweep & mop. Organize & replace items.
Remove all open food items and trash.

Remove any food from freezer.
Clean freezer inside & out.  Inside use baking soda diluted in warm water. Outside wipe with hot towel & dry.
Prop freezer door open with a plate.
Organize open shelves, taking cooking & baking stuff back to Kitchen.
Remove all cobwebs.
Wipe down cabinets, dish cart, light switch cover.  (a solution of Murphy’s Oil Soap works well)
Wash windows & window sills.
Remove all floor-space items, sweep & mop. Replace items.

Remove cob webs.
Re-hang fairy lights as needed.
Wipe down shelving unit.
Remove roll shades, unroll, wash & re-hang.  (Simple Green works great on these)
Wipe down window sills.
Wash tables – top, sides, legs
Wipe down chairs – seats, legs, back & stack.
Wipe down and remaining flat surfaces.
Remove any trash.
Sweep & mop.

Remove cobwebs – high & low.
Clean and disinfect toilets, sinks, switchplates & doorknobs.
Wipe down fixtures.
Stock toilet paper, paper towels & hand soap.  (Supplies kept under counter by coffee cups in Kitchen)
Remove trash, wash can as needed & replace liner.  (we use old grocery bags – look in the pantry)
Sweep & mop.

Remove cobwebs, high & low.
Wipe down fans.
Re-hang rope lights as needed.
Check light bulbs, replace as needed.
Wipe down window sills.
Wash tables – top, sides, legs
Wipe down chairs – seats, legs, back & stack.
Remove all items from underneath coffee pot, wash stand.
Wipe down coffee pot, dump grounds, rinse basket & pots.
Stock coffee service as needed.   (See Caretaker for supplies)

See you out there!

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  1. I would like to be more involved in 2022 as it looks like Covid numbers will be lower. I have been fully vaccinated and am interested to volunteer opportunities once the cold breaks.

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